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HighStep® System

The Swiss-engineered HighStep System is an innovative modular climbing solution for offshore applications and to access tall buildings, vertical installations and structures such as high-voltage pylons, telecommunication and broadcasting towers, cranes, wind turbines, elevator shafts, rigs, stadiums and event venues. 

The HighStep climbing system consists of a simple-to-install, low maintenance rail system that is accessed via HighStep climbing devices. There are two ways to climb:
  1. MECHANICAL CLIMBING with HighStep Easy - a climbing device similar to a pair of shoe pedals - and HighStep's proprietary fall arrestor, Protector.
  2. AUTOMATED CLIMBING using the HighStep Lift - the world's first portable, battery-powered elevator.
HighStep is a revolutionary solution to height access and provides many advantages including:
  • Exceptional Safety with risk of falls and mishaps significantly reduced without compromising climbing speed
  • Ergonomic Benefits because users stand upright and climb in a similar way to climbing stairs. The user chooses the height of each step to best suit themselves and can rest when fatigued anywhere on the System without needing to first reach the next Rest Platform
  • Speed and simplicity of installation
  • Cost effectiveness due to increases in efficiencies, reduction in injuries and minimal maintenance requirements 
The System consists of three key elements:
  1. The HighStep Rail - which forms the heart of the system
  2. HighStep Easy and Protector - for mechanical climbing using HighStep's portable foot platforms that are worn like shoes and HighStep's fall arrestor
  3. HighStep Lift - the world's first portable elevator for automated climbing 
View the HighStep System video for an overview of how this innovative climbing system works and its many possible applications.