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Vehicle Management

What is ACETECH™?
ACETECH™ is an effective performance monitoring and management system for emergency vehicles.
Designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the emergency vehicle market, ACETECH™ will help you control your fleet 24/7 wherever you are – at command head quarters, on-scene or at home.
Simple and intuitive to use, ACETECH’s powerful on-board intelligence gives you ready access to operational data and insights that have been proven to help you:
  • Improve the efficiency of your vehicles
  • Enhance the safety of your staff
  • Save on your emergency vehicle fleet’s fuel and operating costs
  • Save time and manage maintenance of your vehicles more easily
  • Prolong the operational life of your vehicles and assets.
Get the latest, up-to-the-minute information you need about an individual vehicle or your entire fleet with a few quick clicks.
ACETECH™ interprets complex data and presents it as user-friendly reports. Reports can be customized too. No more valuable time spent analysing pages of data. ACETECH™ does it for you.
Real-time reporting includes:
  • Vehicle status and location
  • Battery management
  • Driver safety with event status & duration reporting
  • Engine status, idling and fuel consumption
  • Real time safety alerts and detailed reporting
  • Equipment tracking
  • Fleet maintenance management
ACETECH™ is made up of four modules:
  1. The Electronic Control Unit (ECU)                         
  2. The Automatic Vehicle Informatics (AVI)
  3. The ECO-Run (ECO)
  4. The Asset Protection (AP)
 All modules may be installed during the vehicle build stage. The AVI, ECO and AP modules can also be retrofitted to existing vehicles.
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