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Integrated Mount System - Standard

The Integrated Mount System (IMS) is designed to fit FMS Custom interior vehicle MOLLE wall plates. MOLLE wall plates provide a lightweight and rugged multi-equipment mounting surface inside the vehicle.

The MOLLE modular system allows crew members to customise vehicle interiors to meet immediate mission requirements. Each design is compatible with Ferno Military Systems' 10.G and 20.G Litter Arm and Medical device mount systems.

The Standard series Integrated Mount System (IMS) is a larger and more robust group of wall mounts in the IMS family. It is designed for use where space and weight are not as critical or where heavier devices need to be mounted. 

The simple quick-release system consists of either:
  • a wall plate and medical device mount or
  • a universal mount and an adaptor attached directly to the device.
All Standard Series mounts have been 20G tested in all directions.