Ferno F.R.E.D.

Product Category: Rescue Manikins & Accessories
Ferno Product Code: FRED-ADULT-UF unfilled and FRED-CHILD-UF unfilled

The FRED (Ferno Rescue Emergency Device) is a low-cost rescue device that has been put through some serious testing and now incorporates the following features.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty rip-stop UV resistant PVC material
  • Carry straps on shoulder and above knees
  • Label for identifying FRED weight
  • Velcro on abdomen section and hands to keep hands secured
  • Reinforced head with some movement and flexibility
  • Reinforced foot heels for dragging|
  • For shipping purposes, FRED is only available unfilled
  • Recommended weight for Adult 55 kgs and Child 25 kgs


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