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FernoSim Express


Thursday 8 July 2021  |  Ipswich Campus, University of Southern Queensland

FernoSim Express is a modified version of the full scale FernoSim Simulation Challenge. Our pairing with Paramedic Education Australia's (PEA) one-day Student Paramedic Conference, combined with COVID restraints, has instigated a change from our usual format as well as limiting participation to four teams. 

The program that PEA has put together is really informative and interesting. Their great program combined with FernoSim Express will make for a dynamic learning experience for all who participate! 


Join the FernoSim CREW. You get to see the work going on behind-the-scenes and help us with scenario set ups, be in the scenario as a patient, help pack kits and lots more.  Make new friends and contribute to the good vibes in our first ever FernoSim Express. 

It's a jam-packed day and we've never started so early before! With the first scenario at 9:00am, we'll need you on-site for a CREW BRIEFING at 07:15am. Those who volunteer as patients will go to moulage, while the rest of the crew will be on props and sets. The fourth and last scenario is schedule for 15:00. More details will be emailed to successful applicants. 

We have a cap on how many helpers we need, so download the FERNOSIM CREW APPLICATION now. Send in your applications by 9am, Monday 21 June because we don't want you to miss out on the spiffy new, limited edition FernoSim Crew shirt!



FernoSim Express Format

  • Each team consists of three students plus a fourth student member who acts as the alternate or back-up in case one of the team is unable to perform.
  • All four teams will be able to attend the conference (separate registration and cost) and watch the other scenarios being performed. 
  • Each team will perform one of the four individual scenarios scheduled through the day. Teams will be selected at random to perform a scenario. 
  • Half an hour is allocated to each scenario and consists of:
    • 20 minutes for the team to manage the patient(s)
    • At the 20 minute mark a critical care paramedic will arrive on scene. The student team leader will be required to provide a handover
    • A short team Q&A / Debrief will be held in the remaining time after completion of handover.

Who can Apply?

  • The clinical aspects of this year's FernoSim Express scenarios are more appropriate for third and fourth year students. 
  • Each team is made up of three students who participate in the scenario plus an optional fourth student who is the alternate / back-up to the other three. 
  • Because of the cap on team numbers, we recommend students approach their respective University bodies or lecturers to signal their interest in FernoSim. In the past Universities have sponsored teams to participate in FernoSim and have been instrumental in prepping teams. So go ahead - let your uni know you're interested and go from there.  

The Application Process

  • Entry Fee for FernoSim Express is $110 inclusive of GST per team.
  • Complete the FernoSim Express Application Form including payment details. No charges will be made until confirmation of your place.
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE:    12:00 Noon, Friday 11 June 2021
  • Successful teams will be notified of acceptance by Monday 14 June 2021. Entry fees will be deducted from the teams' nominated credit card. 
  • Team paperwork (Codes of Conduct, Student ID, Release Forms) will be sent to successful teams along with information detailing how the day will play out plus drug and kit contents. 


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Still have questions?  Email Ces Thomson at Ferno -