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Student FernoSim 2017 Roundup


2017 Student FernoSim Round Up

The Scenario

2017's scenario required students to put into practice triage and clinical skills learnt at university. The scenario was a roof top mechanical setting with a simulated explosion. A male patient and four others were working on a roof top airconditioning (AC) plant room when an explosion took place. When student paramedics arrive on-scene, the area has been secured by the attending Fire Service who have also removed the five patients away from the danger zone to a safe location. 


Male patient working on the roof of the plant room was thrown clear,  landed heavily onto the concrete floor 3m from the blast site. The patient has a GCS 12 with retractive respirations and poor perfusion. Due to the blast percussion hitting him in the abdomen, the pain around his diaphragm is limiting his respiratory expansion. He is hypoxic, suffering hypercapnia and systemic hypertension. This is due to his exposure to the AC gases expelled by the blast and is further exasperated by a blunt right chest injury and lower extremity fracture tib/fib #


A male patient is lying on ground ALOC, IDDM. He collapsed prior to the blast with a hypoglycemic episode rendering him unconscious with a BSL of 1.0. He is wearing a Medic Alert necklace which paramedics need to discover. Patient also has a small amount of blood from each ear indicating possible ruptured ear drums post-blast. He is unable to hear thus testing paramedics' ability to communicate with him.

PATIENT 3 (Triage)

Patient has come into contact with exposed wiring while stepping in water flowing from a ruptured tap, receiving continuous flow of 240 volts until the fire service has turned off the electricity. On arrival, paramedics find the patient prone on the ground with no vital signs.

PATIENT 4 (Triage)

Has been knocked over by the blast, hitting a steel beam during the fall. Patient is on the ground with an obvious deformity to the femur area. Patient is conscious, has a GCS 15, pulse rate of 110 and a resp rate of 26. Patient is incapable of moving when asked to by paramedics.

PATIENT 5 (Triage)

Is on the ground with blood present on the forehead. He has an obvious open head wound after being hit in the head by an airborne pipe during the explosion. The bleeding is somewhat controlled, the patient is unconscious with a pulse rate of 88 and a resp rate of 16. 

The Winning Scenario 

Our sincere congratulations to all participating teams for the courage to compete in front of their peers and for tackling a FernoSim challenge. This year we welcomed a team from Western Australia for the first time from Edith Cowan University who acquited themselves well. Teams for the 2017 FernoSim Challenge (in order of appearance):

  • Team DNR - ACU Brisbane, QLD
  • Team ECU - Edith Cowan University, WA
  • Team VU - Victoria University, VIC
  • Team CHIPS - ACU St Patrick, VIC
  • Team FUSPA - Flinders University, SA
  • Team CQU - CQU Townsville, QLD
  • Team Ying Yang - ACU Canberra, ACT
  • Team Braidycardic Bunch - ACU Canberra, ACT
  • Team Signadou Spartans - ACU Canberra, ACT
  • Team AUT - Auckland University of Technology, NZ

First Place:  Team AUT
Second Place: Team CHIPS
Third Place:  Team Signadou Spartans

Watch Team AUT's winning performance.



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