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Student FernoSim 2018

28 September 2018  |  Flinders University, Adelaide


The Student FernoSim is a high fidelity simulation event designed to provide paramedic students with a fun but intense experience that consolidates their academic learning and provides an opportunity to practice clinical and teamwork skills.

FernoSim will commence Friday 28 September at 3.15pm and runs for several hours into the night. It is held in conjunction with the Student Paramedics Australasia Conference  which runs from 28 - 29 September. 

Watching Student FernoSim

Come and barrack for your favourite Uni Team - you'll be surprised how much you'll learn watching others working through the scenario. Student FernoSim 2018 is our biggest one yet with 12 teams competing for top honours. Best of luck to participating teams, listed in random order:
  1. Team BACU - ACU Brisbane, QLD
  2. Team The V Units - Victoria University, VIC
  3. Team Signadou STEMI's - ACU Canberra, ACT
  4. Team Monash - Monash University, VIC
  5. Team Irukandji Syndrome - CQU Cairns, QLD
  6. Team SCUPA - University of the Sunshine Coast, QLD
  7. Team CQU - CQU Townsville, QLD
  8. Team Paddy's Crew - ACU Ballarat, VIC
  9. Team WA Student Paramedics - Edith Cowan University, WA
  10. Team AUT - Auckland University of Technology, NZ
  11. Team CSU Bathurst - Charles Sturt University, NSW
  12. Team FUSPA - Flinders University, SA

FernoSim Crew

Join the FernoSim fun! Crew applictions are now open but you'll have to be quick as we've only got 14 vacancies. Submit your form ASAP so we can get Crew shirts made up in time. 
It takes alot of work to put on the FernoSim and we can't do it without our enthusiastic band of helpers. If you're interested in working backstage or even acting as a patient, consider joining FernoSim's Crew. At this stage, you must be available on Friday 28 September from around 10.30am to 10pm with short breaks in between. 

Got questions?  email Ces Thomson.


Key Info & Updates for Teams

  • Team Check-In and Briefing - Friday 28 September, time to be confirmed
  • Winner Announcements: 29 September - time to be advised 
  • Your FernoSim team registration doesn't cover attending the SPA Conference (SPAIC2018). Individual team members wishing to attend SPAIC2018 will need to register direct via the conference website
Further updates will be posted on this event page and announced via social media. Use #FernoSim on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Check out last year's event below and watch the winning team - Auckland University of Technology - in action. They are the team to benchmark yourselves against!

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