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FernoSim @ PAIC18 - Ferno Paramedics Simulation Challenge

21 September 2018   |   SeaWorld Conference Centre, Gold Coast, Australia

The Ferno Australia Paramedic Simulation Challenge has fast become a hotly contested event to win. With a reputation for demanding scenarios in a high-fidelity setting, teams face a fast-paced 20 minute challenge in front of their peers and seasoned judges. The aim of FernoSim is to provide an event where paramedics can compete in teams to hone their clinical, communication and teamwork skills.  

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FernoSim @ SPAIC18 - Ferno Student Paramedics Simulation Challenge

September 2018   |   Adelaide, South Australia 
FernoSim is a high fidelity simulation event designed to provide paramedic students with a fun but intense experience that consolidates their academic learning and provides an opportunity to practice clinical and teamwork skills. Held in conjunction with Student Paramedics Australasia's International Conference and Team Australia EMS, the camraderie and friendships fostered among Teams and Crew has seen the FernoSim student family grow with each successive year.  

Details for the 2018 event will be announced as soon as arrangements are confirmed.

Student FernoSim 2017 Round Up